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It’s the first day of the new year 2017! I hope you’re all excited about the future and feeling happy about starting a brand new year. Before we begin posting new stories here at Globonaut, we thought it would be a good idea to look back on 2016, the year of our official launch (June 10). This year, we posted a total of 69 stories, of which 38 were published in English. Here are your 10 favourite stories of 2016!

Old Dutch Cities in the Green Heart of Holland

10. Old Dutch Cities in the Green Heart of Holland

Are you planning on visiting the Netherlands and curious for something other than Amsterdam? Good news! Holland has a lot more to offer, like these gorgeous Old Dutch cities in the Green Heart of Holland. Marijke wrote an amazing post about lesser known towns in Netherlands.

Visiting Colmar and the Alsace Province

9. Visiting Colmar and the Alsace Province

Fluffy flamingo chicks, castle ruins, and curious green demons? Check! After spending 4 days in Colmar and the Alsace province, Zahia blogged about her personal highlights.

Facts about Plitvice Lakes

8. 5 Facts about Plitvice Lake National Park

Who doesn’t like learning about the planet by reading a few fun facts? The insanely beautiful Plitvice Lakes are the breeding grounds of peculiar legends about a Black Queen and cave monk. The national park has 16 cascading lakes and over 90 waterfalls. Have you ever been?

7. Solo Travel Adventure in Central America

Last summer, Katja went on a solo travel adventure in Central America! Read all about her amazing journey. She had a snorkeling encounter with manatees, met an army of iguanas, and found mysterious Mayan cave skeletons.

7 Reasons why you should visit Taiwan

6. 7 Reasons why you should visit Taiwan

From majestic temples and green canyons to steaming hot springs and aromatic night markets: Taiwan has it all. Marijke went backpacking in Asia and listed 7 reasons why you should visit Taiwan!

Facts about Pamukkale

5. 5 Facts about Pamukkale: Turkey’s Cotton Castle

Have you ever heard of Pamukkale? A place called the “The Cotton Castle of Turkey” sounds pretty epic to me, so I suppose it’s no wonder it made the list of popular stories this year.

Tenerife: Where they test space robots.

4. Tenerife: This is where they Test Space Robots

Scientists have found a spot on Earth that’s so otherworldly that they decided it was the best place to test space robots. This incredible landscape is located in Europe, in Teide National Park on Tenerife.

Interrail Guide to Exploring Euorpe

3. Interrail Guide to Exploring Eastern and Southern Europe

Looking for an adventure in Europe’s best cities? Then you should check out Caroline’s Interrail Guide to exploring Eastern and Southern Europe. She has pretty much found the perfect route!

The Reality of Traveling

2. The Reality of Traveling

We’ve all seen sharing their journeys on on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. Those sparkly 20-something backpackers may look like they’re living the glamorous lifestyle, but don’t be fooled. From sleeping in the car to getting stung by dangerous bedbugs, Caroline exposed the full behind the scenes reality of traveling.

Honey Island Swamp Tour

1. Wild Louisiana: Honey Island Swamp Tour

Blogging duo Marjon and Stephan went on an amazing Honey Island swamp tour in Louisiana and blogged about their unforgettable experience. They spotted alligators, swamp shacks, and gorgeous natural scenery.

That’s it for 2016! Of course, some of the wonderful stories that we published later in the year had a smaller chance of making the list. Still, we thought it would still be fun to look at some of the overall highlights. Most importantly, a big thank you is in order to all of our contributing crew members, you guys rock!

By the way, did you know we also a run a Dutch version of Globonaut? If you’re curious, you can check the Dutch favourite stories of 2016 over here.


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