10 Tips for a Rainy Summer Day4 min read

How often does this happen to you? You’ve been really busy, working hard at your job or slaving away at school. Then, finally, you’ve got a couple of days off. The birds are chirping and you can smell the freedom in the air! You wake up in the morning, open the curtains, look at the sky and all you can see are fluffy grey clouds and puddles forming in the streets. Oh oh, those summer showers, we’ve all been there before (unless you live on some perfect tropical island, in which case: please click away). But do not worry, we’re coming to the rescue: here are 10 of our best tips for a rainy summer day!

1. Take the train to a different city

Here’s the great thing about trains: they have roofs. Do you like exploring new places, but hate the rain? This is the perfect solution for your insatiable wanderlust: take the train to a different city. It doesn’t have to be a city in a whole new country, perhaps just a town in your own country. Pick a city that you’ve never been to before, and preferably one where the weather forecast is slightly better. You can look out the window and watch the landscapes go by. Chances are the rain will have stopped when you arrive at your destination!

2. Have lunch at your favourite place

One thing the rain can’t stop you from doing is eating out. That’s right, fully embrace your inner foodie and plan a lunch date with one of your friends. Just make sure you don’t pick an open-air food truck festival as your favourite lunch place. Even if you’re not that hungry, go out and have a snack anyway.  The summer is a great time for a smoothie or milkshake. Besides, who are you kidding? Nobody can ever say no to a good piece of strawberry cheesecake or lemon pie.

3. Visit a new museum or gallery

Are you a fan of artsy and educational stuff? Whether it’s a historical museum, art gallery, or science center, there have to be some places on your radar. Even if you don’t want to travel far, there must be some places in nearby cities that you still want to visit. Take the opportunity on this rainy day to spend some time on indoor cultural activities!

Inside the Mima museum

4. Transform your room into a private cinema

I think most of us will be sufficiently familiar with the whole binge-watching phenomenon. I’m also pretty sure that most of you have a some episodes to catch up on. If not, I’m sure there are new series or movies that you have been waiting to watch. This is your chance to dim the lights, pop the popcorn, and crawl underneath a blanket to channel those private cinema vibes.

5. Enjoy nature (indoors) at a Botanical Garden

The sad thing about a rainy summer day is the fact that you can’t even enjoy the great outdoors. Fortunately, there is one way to enjoy a smaller version of the great outdoors, but you will still be indoors! Most botanical gardens will have greenhouses or other sheltered areas where they keep tropical or desert vegetation. You can admire the colorful flowers and feel the butterflies flutter by without worrying about your hair getting all wet and frizzy.

Botanical garden greenhouse in Amsterdam

6. Baking, painting, gaming: Get back in touch with your old hobbies

The best thing about a rainy day is not having to feel guilty about staying at home all day. The sun isn’t shining, so you’re definitely not missing out on any outdoor action. Have you been busy working, neglecting all of your favourite non-productive hobbies? Today is the day to make peace with your inner sloth and laze around the house. Have fun playing your favourite game, watch some weird YouTube videos, paint a self-portrait, bake a fancy cake, or do whatever else that tickles your fancy.

7. Who cares, go swimming anyway

Sure, rainy weather isn’t great if you want to get a tan, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t head to the beach and go for a swim. Trust me, you won’t mind getting wet when the seawater reaches up to your chin. Besides, there are plenty of watersport activities that benefit from those slightly stormy conditions. Just think of those nice and big waves, you can definitely go (kite)surfing! Just make sure the weather isn’t too extreme to be playing around outside. It’s always better to avoid those pesky lightning strikes, just in case you…you know…die. In case of truly hellish weather, you can always drive to your local indoor pool.

8. Admire the ocean life at an aquarium

You know who else doesn’t care about getting wet in the rain? That’s right, fishes, turtles, and squids couldn’t care less about those annoying clouds. They will keep on swimming, no matter what. Walking around a zoo might still involve spending a lot of time outdoors, so it’s probably better to admire the ocean life at an aquarium. You will get lost in an underwater world and won’t even notice the dreary weather.

Tropical Aquarium Fish in Barcelona

9. Hit the town and go shopping

If your wardrobe is already overloaded or you need to save some money, you might want to skip this tip. Still, if you do need to buy a new t-shirt or find a birthday present for a friend, today is the day to go shopping! This way, you won’t be lazing around at home, but still spending most of your time indoors. Naturally, indoor shopping malls will ideally protect from you the most raindrops.

10. Start writing a blog

Have you always wanted to write short stories, chronicle your travels, post movie or book reviews, or share your favourite recipes? Now is the time to do it: start writing your own blog! You can take it very seriously, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be very professional. You can choose to share it with your friends or even just keep it to yourself, like an online diary. A rainy day is the most productive setting to spend a day behind your computer and start something new. Do you just want to write a story about a trip or experience without building your own blog? Don’t forget that you can always submit a post to the Globonaut team!


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