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Uluwatu Temple Bali

Bali has many names: The Island of Gods, the Island of Love, and the Island of a Thousand Temples. All of those titles are pretty accurate, except for the fact that Bali has way more than just a thousand temples. Nobody knows exactly how many, but there are supposed to be around 20,000 temples and shrines. One of those temples is the majestic Pura Luhur Uluwatu. It is one of the most enchanting temples on the island, so here are 5 more facts about Uluwatu Temple!

1. Uluwatu is a Hindu Sea Temple (Pura Segara)

Unlike most parts of Indonesia, over 80% of the population of Bali is Hindu. Culturally, this means Bali is a rather unique location within the country. Instead of mosques, there are many more Hindu temples to be found everywhere around the province. Uluwatu Temple is sea temple, honouring the gods of the sea. The temple is located on top of a cliff that overlooks the Indian Ocean. The stunning view from the temple grounds is one of the best vistas you can find on Bali.

Uluwatu Cliff

2. Sad Kahyangan: 6 holiest places

Uluwatu is not just a regular temple. In fact, Uluwatu is considered to be one of the 6 holiest places on the island: The Sad Kahyangan. Situated on the edge of the Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu is one of the pivotal points of the island. These harmonised points are believed to bring a spiritual balance to Bali.

3. Serious Monkey Business

Uluwatu is not just a spiritual place of mystical proportions, it is also home to an impressive population of crab-eating macaques. Prepare to see some serious monkey business with these mischievous primates. Admittedly, they’re adorable and entertaining, but be aware! They are also incredible cunning. Remember to keep an eye on your smartphone when you’re taking snapshots of those beautiful views. Another tip: put your sunglasses and bottles of water in your bag! The macaques are also very fond of snagging slippers, so try to wear sneakers or sandals.

Uluwatu Temple in Bali

4. Best Place to see the Bali Sunset

The west coast of Bali is paradise on Earth for sunset lovers. Wherever you go, you can’t really go wrong. Uluwatu in particular is one of the best places to see the Bali sunset. The stunning orange glow on the sandy beaches is a view to die for. Of course, the silhouette of a mysterious temple will 100% complete your picture, so consider heading to Uluwatu for an unforgettable evening.

Sunset at Uluwatu

5. Kecak Fire Dance

Balinese dance is in a league of its own. The dance styles are celebrated for their artistic value and incredibly complex hand gestures. The Kecak Fire Dance, also known as the “Monkey Dance” is particularly flaming. There are regular performances at Uluwatu, so the sure way to see Balinese dance is to combine your visit to the temple with a dance performance in the evening. During high season, tickets are 100,000 IDR (6-7 Euro) for sunset performances.

Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu



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