Our 8 Best Packing Hacks for Travelers2 min read

8 packing hacks for travelers.

Packing Hacks for Travelers

I can’t call myself a travel expert just yet, but I’ve traveled enough to discover a few helpful packing hacks for travelers that will make life on the go a lot easier. Packing is definitely my least favourite part of traveling. I’m sharing 8 of my best packing hacks that I use every time I go abroad.

1. Roll, don’t fold

I’m sure you’ve already heard of this one, but roll your clothes instead of folding them. It leaves less fold lines and wrinkles in your clothes. The rolling method doesn’t necessarily save space, but rolled-up clothing doesn’t overlap as quickly, which makes it easier to organise your luggage in sections.

2. Pack in outfits

Pack in outfits. I often roll up entire outfits into one bundle and put an elastic band around it. This saves me a lot of time getting dressed in the mornings. Bring 1-3 pairs of shoes that will match with all your outfits. I usually try to bring 2 pairs of shoes: a casual pair for outdoor activities, and a more formal pair for smarter occasions.

3. Heavy stuff at the bottom

Pack the heaviest items near the wheels or bottom of your bag/suitcase. This prevents your luggage from moving inside your suitcase and squashing other items.

4. Stuff your shoes and bras

Always stuff your shoes with other items, like socks, underwear or bathing suits. Simple space optimisation! If you are a woman and/or wear bras, you should stack all them on top of each other, stuff your underwear in the cups and fold the bras in half. It maintains the shape of your bras and saves space.

5. Put all your chargers in a separate bag

We all want to bring our smartphones, iPod, tablets, laptops etc., but they would be useless if we didn’t have our chargers. I usually bring my smartphone charger, mp3 player, and camera charger with me. I’m the type to lose stuff when I don’t keep an eye on it, so I always put my small electronics and chargers in a separate bag for easy access. If I need to bring one, I put my socket adapter in there as well.

6. Pack your bag the night before

Always try to pack your bag the night or a few hours before you have to leave for your trip. Leaving your packed bag or suitcase overnight lets the air escape and gives your luggage time to compress by itself (thanks gravity).

7. Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are particularly good packing hacks for travelers that plan to go away for a longer time. When you need to bring a lot of clothing with you, consider buying vacuum storage bags. They saved me on my trips to Beijing and California, since I didn’t have access to a washing machine most of the time. I also like to have outfit options, because I’m a wannabe fashionista like that. You can even DIY you own vacuum bags by using regular plastic bags and sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the weight of your luggage.

8. Bring extra bags

Always bring a few extra plastic or fabric bags to keep your worn clothes and dirty shoes in. Don’t (vacuum) close your laundry bag until you are actually leaving. It’s the most hygienic thing to do. You can also use a shower cap to cover your dirty shoes.


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