8 Reasons to Look Forward to Autumn3 min read

Whenever August makes way for September, the end of summer starts to creep closer and closer. I try to deny it, but the weather slowly deteriorates and the leaves start to get more sparse. It’s always a bit of a bittersweet moment, since summer is definitely my favourite season. Still, rather than getting depressed about the end of a wonderful few months full of amazing trips, I’ve decided look ahead and appreciate the bright side of life. Here are 8 reasons to look forward to autumn!

Best thing about autumn: the colours!

Autumn bicycle rides are the best!

1. Nature’s Amazing Autumn Colours

The number one reason to look forward to autumn has got to be nature’s ravishing transformation in colours. All deciduous trees switch from green to red, orange, and yellow, eventually covering the floor in a sea of leaves. What’s more, autumn is the perfect season for stunning sunsets, as the flaring orange hues perfectly compliment the multicoloured leaves on the trees.

Autumn is a great season for indoor reading.

2. Time to Catch up on your Reading or Favourite Show

There is no point denying it: the autumn season always involves a fair share of cloudy skies and chilly temperatures. The key “solution” to this moody weather is to use it to your own advantage. Instead of getting frustrated about the dreary outdoors, enjoy the day indoors by getting cosy and catching up on your reading. If you’re not much of a book worm, take the time to (binge) watch your favourite show instead. I never do enough reading during summer, simply because the sunshine creates so many opportunities for outdoor activities. Whenever autumn arrives and the temperatures drop, I find myself reading about the twice the amount of time I spent flipping pages during the summer months.

Perfect for rainy days in autumn: Hot chocolate!

3. It’s the Perfect Season for Hot Drinks

Any idea what goes well with a good book and a fuzzy blanket? A sweet cup of chocolate milk! To instantly upgrade your indoor relaxation experience, just add any hot drink to your liking. I don’t know about you, but I tend to opt for something other than a steaming cup of tea on sizzling summer days. It’s not exactly the most refreshing thing ever. In autumn, however, there’s nothing nicer than making yourself some tea, coffee, or hot chocolate after walking or cycling through the rain.

Taking a walk in the forest is a great autumn activity.

Fungi are typical for autumn.

4. Walks in the Woods: The Forest Floor Awakens

While the trees start to drop their leaves and one part of nature is heading for hibernation, another part of the forest awakens. Especially fungi make their entrance in full force on the forest floors of the Northern Hemisphere. There is no better time for a walk in the woods to breathe in the crisp air. The sound of the leaves in the wind, falling raindrops, birds flapping their wings: the tunes of the forest are most intricate in autumn.

Autumn time means sweater weather!

5. Sweater Weather: Layer it Up like Nobody’s Business

Let’s be honest: summer is not the best season for elaborate fashion statements. Hotter days will create the sexiest sweat stains (backpack sweat anyone?), layering is usually not an option, and I usually live in one and the same pair of sandals for weeks on end. Maybe it’s just me, but I always fall back in love with fashion once autumn arrives. Red, brown, and yellow tones are back on trend, you can wear a hat or beanie to cover up a bad hair day, wear any type of boots, accesorise with scarves, and hide away in super comfy oversized sweaters.

Travelling in Autumn is a wonderful idea and friendly for your wallet.

6. It’s The Season for Low-Budget Travel

For a large number of popular travel destinations around the world, autumn is the start of the low season. Most people have recently returned from their holiday and won’t be planing to travel any time soon. This means that certain cost factors, like flights, can sometimes be much cheaper as compared to summer rates. Admittedly, the weather probably won’t be as sunny, but there are many advantages to travelling outside of the summer months. The cities and national parks won’t be as busy with tour groups, the annoying bugs (like mosquitoes) won’t be bothering you, and you’ll be sweating a whole lot less while hiking up that mountain.

7. New Opportunities

For many, the autumn season corresponds with a time of new opportunities at school or the workplace. Starting a new chapter can be daunting, but also very exciting. Around September is when organisations like sport clubs and language schools start their new schedules. Benefit from this time of opportunity by signing up for a yoga class, tennis lesson or language course that you’ve always wanted to do. Most people would say that New Year’s is the best time to make resolutions, but autumn is when everything and everyone has to get back on track. Take advantage of the timing and start something new!

Spider in its web in a Dutch forest.

8. It’s the Spooky Season

Granted, Halloween or All Saints’ Day is certainly not celebrated in every country on Earth. Still, I feel like October has universally become the spookiest month of the year. The stores are full of oddly-shaped candy and the cinemas show the most disturbing horror movies of the year. I see more and more costume parties popping up every year, so people seem to be getting into it in the Netherlands as well!


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