Photo Story: Frozen Canals in Amsterdam Spark Ice Skating Craze1 min read

For the first time in six long years, ice skaters were able to glide on the frozen canals in Amsterdam again. Whenever temperatures reach sub-zero levels, the Dutch nation rekindles its (slightly obsessive) love for ice skating. So, every winter, millions of hopeful skaters keep a close eye on the weather forecast. This winter, Amsterdam already experienced a snow storm, but it never got cold enough to go ice skating. For several days, speculations were rife: will the ice be finally thick enough to support not just ducks, but also dozens of overly excited humans?

The truth is: the ice never really got thick enough, but it seems we simply couldn’t stop ourselves. The Dutch authorities warned people against skating on thin ice, but to no avail. For about two days, locals and tourists alike took their chances on the not-so-sturdy sheets. And, admittedly, the resulting sights were still perfectly magical. Oh, and a little spoiler alert: not everyone managed to keep their feet dry (or their elbows, for that matter).

Photos of the Frozen Canals in Amsterdam

Several ice skaters on the frozen canals in Amsterdam

Several people stand on thin ice on the frozen canals in Amsterdam

Frozen canals in Amsterdam


A girl pumps her arms in the air on a frozen canal in Amsterdam

A bridge full of people above the frozen canals in Amsterdam

Two girls hold on to each other on the frozen Prinsengracht canal

Ice skating on the canals in Amsterdam

Bystanders watch the ice skaters on the frozen canal

Ice skaters celebrate the winter on the frozen canals in Amsterdam

Tourists carefully tread the frozen canals in Amsterdam

Ice skaters fall through the thin ice in Amsterdam

Ice skaters fall through the thin ice in Amsterdam

Well, as you can see; lots of fun on the ice, but there were also a few dripping wet casualties. Thankfully, nearly everyone managed to climb out to safety on time. What about you? Were you also in Western Europe when the Beast from the East attacked our nations? We hope none of you had to suffer frozen toes or a cancelled flight. Did you also go ice skating, or did you enjoy a nice hike in the snow? Let us know!


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