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Katja Staring is a Dutch Instagrammer (@dailygreenspiration), blogger, and business adviser, but most of all, she is a natural storyteller. She has one clear mission in mind: inspiring and connecting people via the beauty of mother nature. Every Friday, Katja posts a compilation photo of the bits and pieces she finds outdoors. She shares these collages in a flat lay format, which is a typical genre on Instagram. For the flat lay, you take a photo directly from above, whether that’s a really messy or super structured collage of several items.

Katja often searches for hidden details in her own garden in Drenthe, but she also makes little visual masterpieces of her travels in places like Portugal, England, and France. Have you never heard of this Instagram genius with a seriously green thumb? I’m sorry to say it, but you’ve definitely been missing out on a goldmine of botanical happy moments. But don’t sweat it, that’s something we’re going to change today!

Natural Storytelling with a Flat Lay

We can totally imagine that making flat lays is a wonderfully creative process. You’re combining colours, choosing a certain composition, and creating a visual harmony. The most fascinating thing about flat lays like Katja’s is the way in which a photo can tell a story. What can a collage tell you about the places this collection of plants, animals, and objects originally comes from? What does the ‘natural’ flat lay tell you about the time of year, and the colours that belong to that season? How do these finds translate someone’s personal experiences in nature? This is exactly how Katja has found her own voice in natural storytelling, a fascinating and refreshing perspective on the world around us.

Katja has found her own voice in natural storytelling. What can a collection of plants, animals, and objects tell you about the places they originally came from?

Moments of Mindfulness

Simultaneously, the flat lay process is a method of getting in touch with nature. For Katja, that also means creating moments of mindfulness, where you unwind and find a sense of peacefulness. Of course, it’s not just about the Instagram picture, but also about the way in which nature can communicate the state of the ecosystem. As we probably all know, that isn’t always a comforting image, but Katja isn’t afraid to shine a light on our problems. Last year, she was exploring the beaches in Fouradouro, Portugal. Within the span of only one hour, she found a pile of rubbish. By posting her flat lays on Instagram, Katja is advocating a better awareness of our connection to the planet.

Resourceful Instagrammers with Valuable Stories

Resourceful Instagrammers with a valuable story like Katja’s are making a difference in the realm of social media. Let’s be honest; all of us are being bombarded with slightly too much materialistic nonsense. In any case, right now we’re feeling incredibly inspired, or ‘greenspired’, we should probably say! One thing is for sure: we will definitely be using Katja’s #spreadnaturelove hashtag in our own Instagram posts. How about you?

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