Join the Crew

How to Apply

There are several ways to contribute and/or join the Globonaut crew.


1. Guest Globonaut

Anyone can become a Guest Globonaut! If you would like to submit a post as a one-time thing, no strings attached, then this is the best option for you. As a Guest Globonaut, you may submit one post for review every three months. If you would like to contribute more frequently, have a look at the other three options and apply below to join the crew.

translator1b2. Translator

A translator is part of the crew as a language specialist. Globonaut’s main language is English, but we hope to offer non-native speakers a chance to submit their posts in their own language as well. In regard to translating English articles into other languages, we are currently looking for English <-> Dutch translators specifically. We may decide to add additional language options in the future. There are no weekly or monthly requirements, you just help to translate posts whenever you have time. Your profile and links will be listed on our crew page.

3. Junior Globonaut

A Junior Globonaut is part of the crew as a contributing member. Your profile and links will be listed on our crew page! Junior Globonauts are free to submit a post every month and are required to post at least once every three months. Your posts will be reviewed before publishing. Anyone may apply to become a Junior Globonaut.

4. Globonaut

A Globonaut is a full-fledged member of the crew. Your profile and links will be listed on our crew page! A Globonaut is required to write an article every three months, or four times a year. Posts do not need to be reviewed and a Globonaut is able to publish directly to the website. You may apply to become a Globonaut if you have prior experience as a (WordPress) blogger, or have published a minimum of 2 posts as a Junior Globonaut or Guest Globonaut.

Junior Globonauts and Globonauts will have their own author box underneath their posts, like this one:

Application form: