A Love Letter to Rome2 min read

Rome, sweet home.

It’s been some time since we last saw each other, but you’re still somehow alive inside of me.

4 years ago I moved in to study Architecture Conservation at La Sapienza University. After a very well-spent year between some gelato here and an aperittivo there, it was impossible to go back home as the same person I was before. You have been one of those passions that steals your heart and never leaves again, and it has certainly been one of the most incredible experiences in my whole life. So here, in this love letter to Rome, are the things I miss the most about you.

After a very well-spent year between some gelato here and an aperittivo there, it was impossible to go back home as the same person I was before.

#1. Having a Gelato in front of the Pantheon on a Summer Afternoon

The taste of raspberry and dark chocolate goes so well with the summer breeze and the sound of the water falling from the fontana. Its stairs were just perfect to enjoy it and watch all of those tourists trying to take a selfie. Meanwhile, you remind yourself that you actually live there and are so very lucky for not being a tourist anymore.

#2. Getting Lost in the Narrow Streets of Centro Storico and Always Discovering Something “New”

Getting lost is certainly the best way to find the city ancient treasures. Every single time I missed the right turn on my way to college, I ended up facing some beautiful church or maybe a two thousand year piece of ruin. That was just breathtaking!

#3. Drinking a Bottle of Wine on the streets of Trastevere

There is nothing like drinking some good Italian wine through the streets of this medieval bohemian neighborhood, while enjoying the local artists and musicians presentations on a perfect summer night. An individual pizza for yourself could be another perfect match.

#4. Eating Gnocchi ai Frutti di Mare at Carlo Menta

The best place to have a traditional meal was in my favorite restaurant called Carlo Menta, also in Trastevere neighborhood. It is just a picturesque spot with cute table towels and the best food in town, especially the pasta with seafood. Prices are also veeery accessible, perfect for my old student days. It can only get better by ordering a tiramisu for dessert. That was love at first taste, and I can still taste it in my mouth today.

#5. Walking along Via del Corso and Entering all of the Shops

When things got confusing, the best way to de-stress was going shopping at Via del Corso. We wished it was actually the elegant Via Condotti, with Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and these stuff… But under student circumstances, we were just fine with H&M sales.

#6. Ordering a Drink at the Aperitivo and Enjoying the Open Food

You go out for some drinks and end up eating a lot. Oh, I really miss that! The appetizers all over town (where you buy a drink and can enjoy a free buffet) were always the perfect plan when we were just too lazy to cook. Not to mention the sprinkle of glamour between a Bellini here and a Spritz there.

#7. Occasionally Passing By Colosseo on my Way Home

When life was just getting too normal, I suddenly changed my way home to pass by Colosseo. Somehow, every single time it was just like the first time. It only reminded me of how lucky I was to get the chance to live as part of this incredible ancient magic.

And so I thank you, dear Rome, for all of those great memories!

Hoping to see you again soon.

With love,


The Love Letter Project

Love Letter Project

The Globonaut Love Letter Project is a team effort by international travel enthusiasts that examines the fascinating relationship between cities and people. It is an exploration of how people make a city come alive, but also how a city becomes part of who you are. Most of all, the Love Letter Project is a celebration of strong local bonds in an age of rapid globalisation, showing how local and global aren’t necessarily opposite terms.


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