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It’s this uncanny time of the year again, when we can shake our heads about American consumerism and midterm election politics, while at the same time enjoying all the candy and the loving effort people put into decorating their houses. My best Halloween memory is going trick-or-treating in our small German town. One man handed us Ovomaltine candy and asked us what day it was. Halloween? Nah, it’s also Reformation Day! Time to celebrate with a collection of curious photos from the state of New York and its diverse decoration styles.

Polls and Poltergeists: Capturing Halloween in New York

Halloween decoration on New York City’s Upper West Side. Just imagine what premium candy they must be handing out.

Sure, this rural town in upstate New York has been in an economic slump for years. But that’s no reason not to go all out on Halloween decorations. Note the proudly displayed American flag and the sign calling to repeal the SAFE act; gun control measures passed after the Newtown school shooting.

Of course, you can also go for pure functionalism. Like my grandmother, whose upbringing on a south German farm shines through in her Halloween decoration: waiting to be consumed, the pumpkins double as external ornamentation and, at the same time, save valuable kitchen storage space.

Or, your lawn can look like this. I asked the owners if they thought more or less kids would ring their bell because of these decorations. They said they weren’t sure, many were just too scared to approach closer. Like me, I said. The skeleton dog barks and the ghoul is connected to a fog machine.

This is how I feel, drowning in the hateful pre-midterm elections propaganda from both sides of the political spectrum.

A memento mori for pumpkins and little kids trick-or-treating. You can buy the straw bale at Target for 16 dollars (plus tax).


Happy Halloween!


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