15 Photos of Snow in Amsterdam after a Winter Storm1 min read

We don’t get many snowy days in Amsterdam, but when we do, the cityscape almost looks too dreamy to be true. Sure, Amsterdam is a gorgeous city in any season. But after living here for about 5 years, it was still hard to believe my eyes when I witnessed the Dutch capital in its full winter glory. Uncharacteristically, the Netherlands has been experiencing heavy snow storms the last few days. Imagine Amsterdam in December, full of Christmas decorations AND a thick layer of powdery white snow. You’ll understand that I simply couldn’t stop myself from stepping out on the streets to snap a few shots. I’m sure you’re curious to see it too, so have a look at my photos of the snow in Amsterdam!

Winter Arrives Early in the Netherlands: 15 Dreamy Photos of Snow in Amsterdam

Snow in Amsterdam after a winter storm

Snow in the streets of Amsterdam

Snowy day in Amsterdam

Snow in Central Amsterdam

Winter scene in Amsterdam

Snowy street in Amsterdam in December

Snow in Amsterdam in December 2017

Amsterdam street in December

Winter in Amsterdam

Snowy weather in Amsterdam

Snowy December day in Amsterdam



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