8 Places in Europe to See the Best Cherry Blossoms2 min read

Spring season is upon us and the cherry blossoms are going to be in full bloom! Cherry blossoms usually only last about 2 weeks at most, so you’ll have to plan your hanami (flower viewing) picnic carefully. Do you live in Europe? Don’t sweat it, we’ll help you out by (randomly) listing 8 places in Europe to see the best cherry blossoms.

Places in Europe to See the Best Cherry Blossoms: Paris.

1. Paris, France: Champ de Mars

The Champ de Mars (Field of Mars) in Paris is a very large public park with the world-famous Eiffel Tower on its northwestern side. The blossoming cherry trees along the paths turn this place into an iconic spring scene. It’s never too late to book a last-minute city trip to Paris!

2. Extremadura, Spain: Jerte Valley

The Jerte Valley in the Extremadura Region of Spain transforms into a breathtaking sea of 2 million blossoming cherry trees. March is usually the best month to visit the valley, so put this one on your bucket list for the upcoming spring season.

Kersenbloesems in Nederland (Cherry Blossoms in Holland)

3. Amsterdam/Amstelveen, Holland: Kersenbloesempark

The Kersenbloesempark in the Amterdamse Bos is definitely the best place in Holland to go see the cherry blossoms. The 400 sakura trees that stand at the Kersenbloesempark were gifted by the Japan’s Women’s Club (JWC) in 2000. The Kersenbloesempark was initially planted in celebration of 400 years of cultural ties between Japan and the Netherlands. Amstelveen is home to a community of about 1700 Japanese expats, the largest Japanese diaspora in Europe.

Kungsträdgården in spring.
‘Spring Smell’ by Eugenijus Radlinskas on Flickr.

4. Stockholm, Sweden: Kungsträdgården

Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården (King’s Tree Garden) is one of the best places in Sweden to see blooming cherry trees. Kungsträdgården is a popular park in central Stockholm and has about 63 cherry trees. You should definitely drop by and have a picnic if you happen to be nearby.

Kew Gardens in spring.
‘Cherry Walk 2’ by Maureen Barlin on Flickr.

5. London, UK: Kew Gardens

London has several parks where you can admire the cherry blossoms, but Kew Gardens is probably the best of them all. Kew Gardens is the world’s largest collection of living plants. The cherry trees near the Temperate House are known to look pretty amazing during springtime.

Cherry blossoms up close.

6. Hasselt, Belgium: Japanese Garden

If you live in Belgium or Limburg, the Japanese Garden in Hasselt is a wonderful option to go see the cherry blossoms. The garden even owns a few koi carps. The garden is a result from a friendship between the cities of Hasselt and Itami.

7. Madrid, Spain: Parque Quinta de los Molinos

The Parque Quinta de los Molinos is a historic park in the eastern part of Madrid, Spain. The park is often named as being one of the best locations to see hundreds of blossoming cherry trees, although the majority of trees are actually almond trees. Nevertheless, the park is a fantastic spring location to have your picnic.

‘Cherry blossoms in Bonn 189’ by Sarah Marchildon on Flickr.

8. Bonn, Germany: Heerstrasse

Last but certainly not least: the Heerstrasse in Bonn, Germany. Often referred to as the ‘cherry blossom avenue’, the Heerstrasse in Bonn usually erupts into a sea of pink blossoms in April. If you’re around, the next few days will probably be the best time to go and check it out!

Your Cherry Blossom Suggestions

These are 8 great places to enjoy spring season in Europe. We haven’t listed locations for every country. Perhaps some of our European readers know about more great places to enjoy this year’s cherry blossom season? Do let us know in the comment section below.



  • The japanesse garden in Hasselt (Belgium) is another place. It is the biggest japanesse garden in Europe (although it is not so big).

  • I remember going to a Tropical Flower Garden and being taken aback by the beauty of the blossom on the cherry trees! Nice to know I don’t have to go THAT for to see it again!

  • Gorgeous pictures! It’s interesting to see how in some places of the world the cherry blossoms are predominantly white and in others they are more pink. Do you think this is due to the composition of the soil (the minerals) or are they different types of cherry blossom trees?

    • Good question! It usually depends on the type (species) of cherry tree. There are several varieties 🙂

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