Hi! Globonaut aims to offer travel, nature, and culture enthusiasts a safe and accessible platform to share their stories with an international audience. If you’d like to contribute by sharing your material on Globonaut, have a look at our submission process below.

How does it work?

Step 1: Submit your post

The way it works: you write a story about something you experienced. It can be a story about an adventure, project, an event or anything interesting. You can write about anything you’re excited about, as long as it is somewhat related to culture, nature or travel. When you’re ready, submit your post by sending it to You are encouraged to send us a finished draft of your post, but you may also send us an email describing your idea. We can give you feedback and guide you in the process. Aside from the guidelines stated below, there is no standard format you need to follow.

Step 2: Dialogue

If you have asked for guidance or feedback, we will respond to the best of our abilities. If you submitted an idea/rough outline, we may ask you to resubmit your post after minor alterations. Links to your own channel(s) (website, blog, social media accounts) are encouraged and will be included in your published blog post if provided.

Step 3: Review & approval

Your post will be reviewed by one of our crew members to make sure we don’t overlook typos or grammar errors. The review includes minimal SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation (spelling check, alt text for images, meta description etc.), which helps to get your post exposed to a wider audience. This will not alter your actual content. If not already provided, subheadings will usually be added between (longer) paragraphs to improve reading experience.

Step 4: Publishing your post

When your post has been reviewed and approved for publication, it will be scheduled to be published on Globonaut. We will send you an email informing you about the scheduled date. Your post will be promoted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Guidelines & policy

  • Your post should be written in English or Dutch.
  • Your post should have a word-count between 450 and 2500 words.
  • It would be great if you can include a minimum of 2 photos, but no more than 15.
  • If possible, please supply your text as a Word document.
  • Please include your photos in the Word document or send your photos as attachments. Attach your photos as individual files or send them in a collective zip file.
  • As a Guest Globonaut, you may submit up to one post for review every three months. If you would like to contribute more frequently, apply here to join the crew.

Submit to:


Q: Do you accept photo-shopped photos or images with filters?

A: Yes. As long as your photos are not extremely edited to the extent that they become misleading, filters and other aesthetic choices are accepted. We think it is important to freely communicate your own individual style and personality.

Q: I have an idea/suggestion for a cool post on Globonaut, but I don’t want to write it myself. Should I send you an email?

A: You can (anonymously) submit any suggestions or ideas to our idea box!

Q: Do I retain ownership of my text and images?

A: Yes, you retain all rights to your material. When your post is published on Globonaut, we will only use your material for promotional purposes on our own media channels. You can read the exact terms of use in our Terms and Conditions.

Q: Does my post have to be about a recent trip/event?

A: Not necessarily. If you went on a trip that has left an impression and is now a fond memory that you would like to share with others, we encourage you to submit it.