Photographer turns Tokyo Nights into Cyberpunk Paradise1 min read

Graphic design director and up-and-coming photographer Liam Wong is turning heads all over the internet. Why, you ask? Well, his “Neo Tokyo” photo series is pretty spectacular. Wong is an avid world traveller who also got the chance to explore Tokyo during a press tour for Far Cry 4. Later, he returned to Japan for a second round, this time armed with a DSLR camera and an Instagram account.

Surreal Tokyo nights

The Scottish artist describes himself as an “art director specializing in graphic design for games”. Clearly, his love for cyberpunk cityscapes shines through in his photographs. Most of the time, Tokyo is a city celebrated for its slick technology and cutesy fashionistas. But Wong’s photos show dark and rainy Tokyo nights, revealing a mysterious charm we haven’t seen before. The neon reflections in the puddled streets creates a surreal ambiance of a futuristic, yet very real metropolis. If this series of photos won’t convince you to put a trip to Tokyo at the top of your bucket list, nothing will. Right?

Via: BoredPanda


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