A White Christmas in Magical Lapland1 min read

Magical Lapland

Lapland is a magical winter wonderland and a place Santa supposedly calls his home. Lapland is located in the Arctic circle in northern Finland, where it borders Sweden, Norway and Russia. The freezing cold is a good reminder that you are basically at one of the most northern parts of the world. In other words: make sure you pack that thermal clothing, cough cough underwear!

White Christmas in Magical Lapland

Winter Wonderland in Lapland

First White Christmas in Lapland

As a child I was always fantasizing and wondering where Santa lived and how he decided his naughty and nice list, but I got my answer! As an Australian, this was my first white Christmas. Let’s just say everything seems to be more magical when it’s covered in snow. Lapland has a special place in my heart, as it is one of the most unique trips I have ever encountered.

Why Lapland?

So, why Lapland? Think of all those winter activities coming to life. Think of husky rides, snowshoeing, driving a snowmobile, reindeer rides and if you are lucky enough, you may see the spectacular northern lights. An extra bonus of making your stay worthwhile is getting to live in a cabin with a traditional Finnish sauna, how cozy!

How to Get to Lapland

There are a few ways of getting to Lapland. You can either fly into Helsinki and get a coach bus to Lapland. You can also fly into one of the airports near Lapland, which is slightly more expensive. Lapland packages can make travelling slightly easier as it includes your accommodation and the winter activities. I was lucky enough to be able to travel with Erasmus Student Network (ESN) who organised our trip!

Side note, if you are studying in the EU, take note on what trips ESN can provide to your city!

Christmas in Lapland

More Photos of Magical Lapland

If you are planning for an unforgettable Christmas trip, get a group of your friends and create your own memories by having fun with these winter activities. Lastly, here I leave you with some more images of the magical wonderland we call Lapland!

Till next time, -M


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